“How’s Your Hate Walk?”

“How’s Your Hate Walk?”

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Over the years I have had people ask me, “How’s your love walk?” That’s important and something we should always be mindful of because we know that love never fails, it’s the most excellent way, and it’s the Royal law of the Kingdom. (see James 2:8)

But, have you ever had someone pop this question to you, “How’s your hate walk?”  Gasp!  Say what?  Yes, I have been asking myself and others that lately.  You see, when Jesus walked this earth He loved with a perfect love; but, He also hated with a perfect hatred anything that was keeping people away from the Father’s love and good pleasure for them!

“But of His Son, He says, “Thy throne, O God, is forever and ever, and the scepter of Thy Kingdom is a scepter of absolute justice.” Hebrews 1:8 Weymouth.  The KJV translates “justice” as “righteousness,” but this is not the Greek word used for righteousness(as in the gift of righteousness).  The Greek word is “euthutes” meaning straightness or uprightness.  In other words, there is nothing crooked in Him or His Kingdom, and His Kingdom power and authority is expressed in justice and equity.  At the sight of “injustice” the royal passion and holy hatred of Jesus always flared up!  He expressed a fiery hatred towards those things that hurt the heart of His Father, and He always brought justice and equity into every situation that He could.

What is “injustice?”  Here’s some definitions–injury, wrong, hurts, violation of another’s rights, and that which just should not be!  “Righteousness and justice are the foundation of His throne.” Psalm 97:2 NKJV. So, whenever Jesus came on the scene He extended His scepter of justice to straighten out the situation and make it right in the Father’s sight!

“You have loved justice, and You have hated lawlessness.” Hebrews 1:9 Barclay.  Have you ever pictured Jesus hating anything?  It’s been well said that you can tell what a person loves by observing what they hate.  He loves what is right and He hates what is wrong!  He loves equity of character and act, and He hates everything that is crooked, destructive, and unjust.  Everything that purposes to hurt and destroy the human race, which is the love of the Father’s heart, Jesus hates!

When Jesus came to the tomb of His too-young-to-die friend Lazarus, He viewed that as a situation that should not have happened.  In John 11:33 it say that Jesus, “groaned in the spirit,” over the situation.  Notice the Greek meaning for the word “groaned”–“to snort as a horse does from fear or anger.”  So, Jesus literally snorted in anger, and reversed that situation, turning it into the way that it should be!  Young Lazarus life should not have been stolen by death.  That act of Kingdom authority released a great anointing of joy upon everyone there that day–including Jesus!

When Jesus is invited over to Peter’s house and discovers that Peter’s mother-in-law is on fire, suffering from a severe fever, there is nothing passive or hesitant in His actions.  He extends His scepter of justice and releases a rebuke of authority against that fever!  Instantly, everything is made right.  It was not right for her to suffer with that fever.

Jesus, with His scepter of justice, restores back to people what the enemy is trying to take from them!  He restores health, minds, emotions, dignity, callings, and morality.

Is it OK for me to HATE those things, too?

If you don’t hate “those things” it is not going to go well for you!  Everything that God hates is in some form or fashion always connected to the enemy.  Notice some of the things God hates in the scriptures cited below.

Proverbs 8:13 tells us that the fear of the Lord is to HATE evil–pride, arrogance, corruption and perverted speech are listed there.
Proverbs 6:16 tells us there are seven things the Lord HATES–in the list are pride, murder, deception, etc.  How many of us like to be deceived?  Jesus loves truth, is the Truth, and there is no deception in Him.

Then we are clearly told by the Lord in Psalm 97:10NKJV “You who love the Lord, HATE evil!”  Can you wholeheartedly give a, “Yes Sir!” and an, “Amen!” to that?

 Smith Wigglesworth

British Healing Evangelist, Smith Wigglesworth, was said to have a great hatred for the works of the devil and a great love for people.  He cultivated a love for God  and a holy hatred for the enemy.  He had times when he would sit down in a train compartment and without uttering a word, the strangers sitting across from him would fall to their knees and say, “Please sir, pray for us!  Our hearts are not right before God!”

Love what’s right–hate what’s wrong.  Love what’s straight–hate what’s crooked.  Love what is truthful–hate deception.  Love humility–hate pride.  Love what God loves–hate what He hates.

We are God’s agents assigned and sent out from His throne to establish His justice in the earth by straightening out those things that the enemy has made crooked.  We are employed as His weapons of righteousness, weilding His equity for all of humanity.  What a joy to see an army of God rising up all over the earth that loves people, but hate those things that are destroying people!

A Magnificent Release of Joy!

Hebrews 1:9 clearly states that because Jesus perfectly loved what was right and perfectly hated what was wrong—because of that—God, the Father, anointed Him with the oil of joy more than anyone else!  The more we embrace and flow in what God loves, hating what He hates, the more of Heaven’s joy we are anointed with!  There’s something about this that will release a greater degree of glory upon our lives wherever we go!  Wherever we go the fragrant oil of His joy and presence can be released from our lives!

So let seriously begin to cultivate a passionate love for what He loves, and a holy hatred for what he hates; and the next time you are asked, “How’s your hate walk?” you can respond with Heaven’s laughter!!!

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