The Treasure Field of the World

The Treasure Field of the World

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Philippines, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Israel, India, Kenya, Swaziland, South Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, France, Spain, England, Wales, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Jamaica, and to several other countries we have been privileged to go and share the riches of the Kingdom of God! There are thousands of memories and friends connected to each one of these places.

I am looking outside my office at a photo of a ten year old girl in India ((photo is shown above)). Moments before the photo was snapped, her eyes were two milky orbs. I don’t remember how long she had been blind, but I do remember how her poverty stricken mother had persisted that night for her daughter’s healing. My friend and fellow minister had already prayed for her twice and there had been no manifestation. On his third attempt he didn’t pray-he commanded, saying, “You blind spirit, leave this girl now in the Name of Jesus!” Immediately, a watery-white substance flowed out of here eyes, down her cheeks, and she had beautiful, dark eyes! I’ve thought of that girl many times over the years; she would be close to forty now. Her life was radically impacted that night because a group of Jesus people on the other side of the globe were willing to bring Christ to her village.

I’m thinking now of our first trip to Russia in 1991. It was still under communism at the time, and had been denied the Gospel since 1917. We were given the liberty to preach openly-even in the streets-and we took full advantage of it! Elderly ladies, babushka’s, would weep and kiss our cheeks as they clutched the first Bibles they had ever seen or owned. I actually preached an evangelistic crusade in the university auditorium where V.I. Lenin, the USSR’s father of communism, had attended. Burned in my memory are the saddest faces I had ever seen in any nation. I had just given an invitation to repent and believe the Gospel and nearly the entire football stadium had left their seats to receive Jesus. Now, thousands of depressed people were about to transfer form the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of Light. Oh, and when they did such joy flooded their souls! Even the stern-faced military guards got born again, and the “before and after” appearances of their countenances were a sight to behold-Jesus had come to Russia!

So, I want to ask you a question? What is your local church doing to invest in the treasure fields of the world? Do you have an ongoing outreach and investment to a nation other than your own? You do not have to be big to have a big impact. Begin to pray that God would connect you with other ministries that can help you get started. Invite in guest speakers who are on fire with the Spirit of the Lord and they will light a fire in your own heart as well! If you are not a pastor, don’t be critical of your pastor, but pray and offer to help get things started.

Pioneer missionary to India, Henry Martyn, said, “The spirit of Christ is the spirit of missions. The nearer we get to Him the more intensely missionary we become.” God treasured the people of this world so much that He commissioned His only Son and sent Him out as a missionary. Jesus chose to identify with us to such a degree that He actually became a human being in order to see the Father’s heart of love for people fulfilled. He was willing to leave the comforts and perfections of Heaven and come to this dark, confused, hostile world. Why? So that the gold, silver, and precious jewels of this earth-valuable people in every nation on earth-could be redeemed to the Father.

“So Father, we want to tell You from the depths of our hearts, that for the rest of our time on earth we will labor, give, and pray to reach the Treasure Fields of the World.”

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