Your Kingly Lineage

Your Kingly Lineage

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We all picture Jesus as being a King–“King of kings and Lord of lords!” No problem with that! A king rules and reigns, exercising dominion within his realm of authority. An honorable king will conduct himself in a noble way and will exercise justice and equity towards all. He will come to the aid of the victimized and deliver them from their oppressors!

How much consideration have you given to the fact that once you entered the Kingdom of God by way of your new birth, you also were made a king in the Kingdom of your God? Mind-blowing as it is, the Scriptures leave no doubt about this astounding fact! Jesus, “Has made us kings and priests to His God and Father.” (Revelation 1:6) Notice, it was He who “made us,” nothing of our own making. We inherited this position by the sheer grace and predetermined will of God. You are part of the “royal priesthood,” a priesthood of kingly lineage, according to 1 Peter 2:9. As one of His priests, He has granted you freedom of access to His throne(Ephesians 3:12). As one of His kings, He has extended the scepter of His name so that you can exercise authority over His enemies wherever you go (Mark 16:17, Acts 3:16).

“From Zion the Lord will send out the scepter of your power: rule in the middle of your enemies.” Psalm 110:2 Beck That’s why Romans 5:17 so boldly declares that all of us, “Who receive God’s overflowing grace and gift of righteousness shall reign as kings in life through the One individual, Jesus Christ.’ So, let’s make this glorious assignment ours and with a confident faith march forth through the ranks of our enemies, delivering precious lives into the Kingdom of our God!

You are no longer an outcast, a stranger, a person of no account, a victimized beggar. Banish such thoughts and forbid them any entrance into your mind! It’s time that we give all credence and the utmost respect to who God has so graciously and brilliantly made us to be through His Chief Son-King Jesus. Honor the Name by which you’ve gained your royal birth-Jesus, the Christ! Come to the aid of those for whom He laid down His life and shed His holy blood; and conduct yourself in a manner worthy of nobility.

YOU ARE one of the kings in the Royal lineage of the KING of kings!!!

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