Notable Reviews of “Schizophrenic God?”

Schizophrenic God? is a wake-up call!  Steve C. Shank has provided serious students of the Bible an antidote to a sleepy, passive, and complacent church.  His book gives a clear delineation of human responsibility in the face of demonic oppression and the need for active obedience to God along with forceful and intelligent resistance to satan so that God’s Kingdom can be established on the earth.

Joan Hunter

Evangelist and author of Endtime Economics


Along this journey called life, we are often hit hard and spun around by the winds of adversity. In these times, questions often arise that challenge our faith in the goodness of God. Steve C. Shank has presented in-depth evidence that when hardships, difficulties, and suffering invade our lives, it only comes from one source…the evil one. And just as convincingly, Steve has proven that the only Being in existence that is perfectly good is God. Not only is God good, but He is trustworthy, His Word is true, and we should always expect perfect goodness from Him. “O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.” (Psalms 34:8).

Dr. Sandra Kennedy

Founder and Senior Pastor
Whole Life Ministries, Inc.


Steve C. Shank’s book, Schizophrenic God? Finding Reality in Conflict, Confusion, and Contradiction, is a must-read for any sincere believer.  It is the best book I have ever read dealing with the subject of God’s sovereignty.  Steve’s thorough use of Scriptures, quotes from the early church  leaders, and real events happening today make this book come alive.

God has been blamed for way too much over the years, for things He never did.  “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variableness, neither shadow of turning” (James 1:17).  This book will give you tremendous insight so you can properly discern what is from God, what is not, and how to stand firm in troubled times.  A greatly needed book for the Body of Christ!

Mark R. Anderson

Evangelist and author of Humility: The Hidden Key to Walking in Signs and Wonders


When we first saw the manuscript for Schizophrenic God?, by our friend and fellow minister Steve C. Shank, we thought how difficult this must have been to write.  This is an all-encompassing subject that has been debated and searched out since the dawn of human history.  Since this topic has so many subjects and possiblities to cover, it would take nothing less than a knowledgeable author, dedicated scholar, and most importantly, a man of experience to precisely present this great discussion.  Steve C. Shank is all of those things.  He is a man acquainted with the world and no stranger in witnessing the human condition as it truly exists.  His travels have given him unique opportunities to see the cry of humanity’s heart and an itimate understanding of suffering.  Through his knowledge of biblical studies, Steve is able to methodically dissect even the most difficult subjects contained in Schizophrenic God? and present a clear scriptural answer.

The wisdom contained in this book is for anyone who has sought answers to life’s toughest questions.  You will discover truths in Scripture that will give understanding to the questions you might have thought impossible to answer, and in doing so, you will have a clearer understanding of the unchanging heart of God.

Tim Scott and Will Decker

Missionaries, Travel the Road television series


This book presents answers to tough questions many ask today about the character of God.  Steve C. Shank brilliantly deals with this task.  He does not give us religious doctrines or rules that many people follow and find never work – religion disappoints and never changes people’s lives.  Steve paints a clear picture of the character of God as he discusses these important questions.  The focus of this book is God and His goodness.  After you finish reading this book I believe your desire and hunger to know God and have fellowship with Him will be greatly stirred.  Isn’t this what really matters?

Bishop Natasha Schedrivaya

Evangelist and Founder
Village Gospel Harvest
Moscow, Russia

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