Angels In Our Midst

Angels In Our Midst

April 3, 2017 in Blog 1 Comment

A few years ago I taught a six week series on all that the Bible says about angels. They are mentioned almost 300 times and appear from Genesis to Revelation. They appear 104 times to various people in Bible days. We don’t think it’s strange that they appeared to Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, Gideon, David, Elijah, Elisha, Daniel, Joseph, Mary, Peter, John, Philip, Cornelius, Paul, and twice to Jesus (strengthening Him in both cases.) If Jesus needed their help, how much more do all of us! So, why should we think it’s weird if angels appear to people now? Also, I find it strange that people are so demon conscious , talking about them so much, and then so unaware of God’s angels that they rarely mention them. It’s time for that to change.

God Confirms Whatever You Preach From His Word

As I taught this series on angels, the spiritual eyes of the people began to be opened. It was not uncommon for people to see angels all over our Auditorium as we worshiped God! (and it continues to be that way to this day.) I remember once when we were having a guest speaker (Joan Hunter), before the service had even started a visitor came out into the lobby and with enlarged eyes said to me,”There are angels all over the place in there!”

Once, we were worshiping God on a Sunday morning when I began to smell something burning. My first thought was that some of the wiring to the stage was burning out! Then it changed to the most beautiful incense I have ever smelled. One of my long time friends was standing beside me and I asked her, “Do you smell that?”

She said, “Yes, it’s incense.” About two minutes later she told me that every band member had a winged angel behind them. And, guess what song we were singing? “All the saints and angels bow before Your throne. Day and night, night and day, let incense arise.”

The Older Prophet

     I have a friend who attends another Church in my area, who is a very accurate prophet. I value his gift and highly appreciate him. He was trained by an older prophet who lives on the West Coast. This older prophet spoke at my friend’s Church one Sunday morning and afterwards my wife and I took him to lunch. We asked him if he had time to come see our Church building and he did. As soon as he entered our Church building he said, “Angels are very active in this place.” He then pointed at the wall to the right of our platform and said, “There’s an open door there with a steep staircase leading upwards. That’s where angels come and go in this place.” He then pointed at the area over our pulpit and said, “There’s a cascading waterfall flowing right there, down and out to the people.” (Many folks have seen that.) He then took us back in front of the sound booth, which is on the middle back wall. He said, “There is a 12 foot angel standing here with a short sword. He never leaves this place. Have you seen him?”

     I said, “No, but I’ve felt him many times.”

     He said, “Do you know why he’s here?”

     Before I could think, out of my spirit I said, “Yes, he’s an angel of the Presence and he’s here to guard the Presence and to keep down the flakiness!”

     He pointed his finger at me and said, “That’s exactly right!”

The 13 Year Old Boy

     Shortly after that a move of unity was birthed by the Lord in our area. About 10 churches with 24 pastors and staff gather every Tuesday morning to pray for a move of God in our area. All of our churches also gather together once a month for a Praise and Worship service. This is something phenomenal that the Lord has done for us because Boulder, Colorado has had a long standing reputation of having a bad, independent spirit. No one unites and works together, including the churches, and that has been the case for the 37 years I have been a pastor here. So, at a recent Praise and Worship service that was held at our Church, the Presence of God was thick and electric–Awesome! A 13 year old visiting boy came up to one of my elders during the Worship time and pointed out the door to the right of our platform where the angels come and go. He described it exactly as the older prophet had seen it. He then pointed over the pulpit area and said, “There is a cascading waterfall right there descending down to the people and the water is intermingled with fire.” He then took our elder to the back wall in front of the sound booth and described the angel there just as the older prophet described him, except now, the angel was of fire! The Spirit of God had chosen to confirm exactly what the older prophet had seen by showing the same thing to an up and coming 13 year old!

Types Always Point To The Reality

     When King Solomon built the Temple of the Lord in Old Covenant days, notice the attention he gave to angels. He constructed two 2o foot tall angels in the Holy of Holies whose inner wings met and touched in the center of the room and whose outer wingtips stretched from wall to wall. He covered all the walls of the two holy rooms with carved figures of angels, as well as the doors, too. (See 1 Kings 5:23-35). What was he trying to signify? Angels were attending the Presence and taking part in the holy worship that went on in that place!

     We know that Old Covenant types and shadows are pictures that help us see what is happening in our New Covenant days. I propose to you that whenever and wherever Jesus is served and worshiped as Lord and King there are hosts of angels worshiping Him and serving right alongside us! I pray that our awareness, our desire, and our intensity would increase so that we could understand and grasp the awesome workings of God’s unseen realm that are present and active all around us!

     Then I fell down at his feet to worship him (the angel), but he said, “No, don’t worship me. I am a servant of God, just like you and your brothers and sisters who testify about their faith in Jesus. Worship only God.” Revelation 19:10 NLT

     Pray with me, “Teach us Lord, how to cooperate and flow with all the wonderful workings of Your Kingdom Realm! Teach us how to be responsive and how to move with all the powerful armies and assets of Heaven! We know that Your resources are more than enough to assist and equip us in all of our callings and assignments. And most of all, may we have regular face to Face encounters with You as we worship with all Your attending, holy angels! To you be all the Glory and Honor forever!

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    May 14, 2017

    Good points all around. Truly appreciate.

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