Dead Raiser – David Hogan

Dead Raiser – David Hogan

May 14, 2013 in Blog 8 Comments

People often ask me, “How did you make a connection with David Hogan?” Well, the short answer is that God totally connected us! But, let me give you the longer version and take the details of these lessons and apply them to your life as well.

A minister friend of mine gave me a couple of CDs by missionary David Hogan whose ministry is in Vera Cruz State, Mexico. This is an area that had resisted the Gospel and violently opposed any intrusions into their areas by outsiders. Many of the villages were steeped in occult worship that had been practiced for thousands of years. When David and his wife Debbie first arrived, they were met with stiff persecution and little to no results after months of witnessing and preaching the Gospel. David has been beaten with machetes, stoned, shot in the head, and his persecutors have attempted to drown him on three separate occasions.

Their response to all of this was to fast and pray for great demonstrations of God’s power that would bring breakthrough! Soon, the healings began, which resulted in whole villages coming to the Lord and churches being established. Next, people began to be raised from the dead. The Bible records in both Old & New Testament time’s examples of God raising people from the dead. And of course, Our Lord and Leader Jesus Christ was raised from the dead so, “Why should it be thought incredible by you that God raises the dead? Acts 26:8

At the time of this writing, David has seen 32 raised from the dead and his national pastors and ministers have seen around 500 that God has raised. David’s Freedom Ministries has 4200 churches today. God usually chooses to raise the dead through us, His people. It’s by His power – not ours, and to the glory of His Name – not ours! In the USA we are currently hearing a steady stream of reports about people being raised, (Get a copy of my good friend Johnny Clark’s excellent movie/doc. “Deadraiser” – .)

So, before I met David Hogan, I had listened to about 100 of his messages that stretched and inspired my faith with fresh Holy Ghost fire! I believe in what the Bible clearly teaches concerning blessing those who have fed you spiritually with a financial gift in return; so, I sent Freedom Ministries some personal love offerings and on one occasion included a copy of a prophetic end time’s word by famous missionary to China, Hudson Taylor. That spoke to David’s heart and the Holy Spirit directed him to come to our church in Boulder, Colorado. We are not a large church, but David says he goes where the Lord directs him and where the people are hungry for the things of God – size doesn’t matter.

When we had our first meeting together he and I hit it off instantly! We are “like spirits” and pursuing the same things in the Kingdom of God. Some of my minister friends that I have known for years, David knows, and one of them was his childhood friend in Louisiana! David is slandered and persecuted by “unbelieving believers” here and there, but I want you to be rest assured – he is the real deal!

Someday in the future, if the Lord doesn’t return first, you will be reading books written about David Hogan. I don’t say that to glorify him, but to highlight what God has done through him. And, be encouraged, God will work through any of us who will make a similar whole-hearted devotion to see the God of the Bible breakthrough and demonstrate His Love, Power, and Glory right in the midst of where we live, too!

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  • rafael tiu
    July 29, 2013

    I believed every thing brother David shared his talk raising the dead particularly that Indian widow whose two daughters died of an epidemic. it really broke my heart not because of the victims but of Jesus compassion how he care for all of us.It really stir up my faith.I am learning to be like little child to be in his presence.I pray to Jesus that someday i will meet personally brother David in the Philippines.I am a full time minister in our church love & mercy community a catholic Charistmatic and the lord In trusted to us the gift of healing and deliverance.I need more of that gift of faith what Brother David hogan has his first hand experience.

  • Tracy Henderson
    February 11, 2014

    Since watchin Brother Hogan on You tube I ve had a blessed perspective. Of who Jesus. Is and how to be a better woman living to be a servant in God’s. KINGDOM. I know Brother David is a prime example of a truely blessed

  • Moana Tipa
    March 17, 2014

    I first heard David Hogan on line, prior to hearing him at Hisway Church in Auckland NZ – some 1100km north of where I live. In one message he talked about the measuring line of the Angel in Zechariah 2 and said something to the effect ‘if the Lord had been working these things in anyone’s life, ‘they’d need to be prepared for the shredder’. Now I don’t know that they were the actual words he used but they were the words I heard – and they exploded in my spirit. Three years earlier the Lord woke me up in a dream as my face was being measured …it was some time later that I found Zechariah 2 and began to enter a new phase of life in Christ. David Hogan brought the Fire of God into my life. His ministry and that of other Generals in the Body of Christ have deepened the hope of full immersion in the Baptism of Fire – as the means by which we will fulfill all that Christ has already set in us to do. I’m very grateful for this ministry.

  • Charla Griffin Ayers
    April 5, 2014

    I am excitingly searching for the way of the master in ministry and God is led me to this Ministry via another. I just could not fit the traditional church setting and have spent years praying and searching for the Jesus Ministry.
    My spirit recognizes truth and this is that!

  • Wendy Hector
    May 16, 2015

    I believe Bro David Hogan is here to teach us how to walk in the Spirit in these last days and not to be fearfull to step out for God many pastors have not seek God for that annointing

  • Levi O. Afolayan
    August 11, 2015

    Your message…Thank you very much for sharing. I love Missionary David Hogan’s great heart and devotion for God. He is a man whose faith and desperation to see God’s raw power in demonstration I covet and relate with. I pray that God will continually give him fresh revelations of Himself and that an army that would work in an unusual depth of the Supernatural will be raised through him and his ministry so that we the church of Jesus Christ will show the power of God to this present world and have hell really depopulated while heaven is greatly populated.

    However, I need his materials in every possible format so I can fuel my hunger for God because I am uniquely called to take God’s raw power to the nations of the world with the intent of drawing men I to God’s Kingdom.

  • Raheela Amjad
    June 16, 2017

    did david hogan raise any dead person who burial before 3 or 4 months ago, is it possible to raise dead who burial for 2 months or not /?? this is question for David hogan…

  • john mogolobi
    November 15, 2019

    greetings Man of god
    i had seen you before from Sid Roth , its supernatural, we believe in Jesus CHRIST AND IN HIS POWER OF RESSURECTION, silver and gold we dont have, we deeply wish that you can come to South africa , and africa to preach this gospel of christ, we can book a place for the gospel to be preached in south africa.

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