How Far Does Our Commitment Go?

How Far Does Our Commitment Go?

April 25, 2018 in Blog 1 Comment

As I write this, I am returning from a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland. My ministry team was joined by my friend, David Hogan’s team, to help the church of Pastor Eder Goncalves (which was the first church to work with Confirming The Word). We evangelized and held meetings to encourage this dear church in Scotland’s capital.
I had not seen David in a year, and he shared this recent story. David has been a missionary to the tribal people of Mexico for forty years. Where he ministers is a very dangerous area. It’s not uncommon for him to come on scenes where people have been beheaded by drug cartel gangs. He has persevered through severe persecution and now has 1,200 churches there.

Recently, David got a call from one of his native leaders who asked him to please come; half of the congregation had been shot and killed in a drug war crossfire during a worship service. “David, you brought us the Gospel; you are our spiritual father. Would you come to restore and help rebuild us?”David told us that since he is a white man and drives a 4-wheel drive truck, he would stand out and be a target. But, he knew in his heart that he must go. His son was not available, so he asked his son if he would release his 20 year old son (who was a newlywed) and allow him to accompany David?

His son replied, “If I lose my father and my son, so be it; I’ll know it’s for the Gospel’s sake.”

Now, look who made the commitment for David and his grandson–they all did–David’s wife, his grandson’s father and mother, and his grandson’s new wife. They all had to release them for the Gospel’s sake, and the two went right into the jaws of the situation, trembling, but trusting God!

The cartel saw them, and were so impacted that six gang members gave their lives to Jesus and became members of a Church where they had killed half of its members! Amazing Grace! Incredible Love and Forgiveness! Ultimate Reconciliation!

Lord, help us remember this testimony the next time we are faced with a difficult situation and want to chicken out or excuse ourselves. Help us to remain true to You, true to Your cause, and true to Your Church.

“For they loved not their lives even unto death.” Revelation 12:11

You are receiving articles like this to encourage and challenge you…feel free to use them in your own ministry and walk with the Lord. I often read something from someone else that springboards me into a series of teachings! If you ever need someone to advise or bounce something off of, don’t hesitate to contact me. I am free to come to your church or ministry to guest speak, train leaders, or help launch a Confirming The Word (CTW) Church-Based Bible School.

Remember, there’s nothing more important than what we are doing…Expanding The Kingdom of God on the Earth!

1 Comment

  • Todd
    June 1, 2018

    GREAT to meet you and your wife today brother! Would love to meet for coffee when you guys return to Estes! I could not find your email address on your site here. Please send me an email brother. Todd

    We can talk about publishing books process too when we get together. Thanks.

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