Muslim Nations See God’s Glory

Muslim Nations See God’s Glory

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(The following is an excerpt from my next book which will soon go to the publisher)

“Aren’t we all going to be surprised when the next great awakening is amongst the Muslims?” Arthur Burt

My good friend and fellow Coloradan, Jim Rogers, has been blessed with God’s favor to share The Good News of Jesus in several Muslim nations. In his own words, he will tell you about one of his recent experiences with the Glory of God.

DEAD RAISED: “I was at a house meeting for pastors, and we were discussing keys on how to continue in a move of God that was happening in this country. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Keep in mind, we were in a dangerous country and had kept our meeting place a secret. We opened the door and here was a man holding his 8-year-old daughter’s body in his arms. He was holding a piece of paper with our address on it, and He said the Holy Spirit spoke it to him and told him to bring her here for prayer. His daughter had died four days earlier in the village where they lived, and he had carried her body for four days to get to this address! The smell coming from her body was horrible, and she had taken on a dark grey color.”

“We had a large coffee table in the main room of the house, and I told the pastors to all pray all at once over this girl. As we prayed, the presence of God became so thick that several of the pastors could not stand and dropped to their knees. You could see the room fill up with what looked like haze. All of a sudden the little girl’s eyes fluttered, and she sat up! In the time it took her to sit up, God restored her skin, and she was completely fine.”

“We all praised God for about twenty minutes, and then there was another knock on the door. When we opened the door, another man and his friend were carrying his dead teenage son on a stretcher. He was holding a piece of paper as well–the Lord had also given him our address! His son was lying there in his underwear and had been shot in the chest three days earlier. This time the national pastors were very confident and told this father to lay his son on the coffee table. We gathered around him, started to pray, and the presence became very thick again with haze filling the room. All of a sudden the teenager’s body began to bounce up and down on the table! I seriously thought that the table was going to shatter. As we watched his body bounce, all of a sudden his eyes opened. God had brought life back into his body. The father had brought with him a pair of pants and a shirt for his son to wear home–faith!”

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