Scotland? Aren’t You A Little Late?

Scotland? Aren’t You A Little Late?

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As I write this we are preparing to send a team of seven to the capital of Scotland, which is the old city of Edinburgh. This team will join a Scottish man and an English lady already there who will make up the nucleus for our new Confirming The Word Bible Training Centre. We invite all Christians 18 and older to come join our school for a saturated time of equipping in the Word and an increase in the power of the Holy Spirit. Our purpose and reason for being there is to help fan the flames of revival in Scotland once again and to be a help and support to the local churches. If you’re interested in our new school–go to
As you may know, Scotland was a leader in the Protestant Reformation revival in 1559 led by John Knox–founder of the Presbyterian Church. Before the revival, Scotland was described as the darkest and most corrupt nation in the western world. Onto the scene came fiery preacher John Knox, who regularly cried out,”Oh Lord, give me Scotland, or I die!” A man of much prayer, his heart melted for the lost. Soon, people began to turn to the Lord so rapidly that Knox said,”God did so multiply our numbers that it appeared as if men had rained from the clouds.”
“In Scotland, the whole nation was converted within ten years…there were not ten persons of quality to be found who did not profess,” wrote a historian of that time period.
Scotland has experienced a major revival every century since the 1560’s. So, as I was flying back from my latest trip to Scotland, an American businessman sitting next to me asked why I was in Edinburgh? I told him,”We are starting a Bible School for adults there.”
He said,”In Scotland? Aren’t you a little late?”

The man sitting next to me on the airplane couldn’t figure out why Scotland would need missionaries today with such an illustrious spiritual past. Well, this is Scotland NOW–
Today only 2% of the Scottish attend church, and only 2.5% profess to be born again believers. Needless to say, there is a widespread ignorance of the Bible and Christianity.
The depression and suicide rate is 50% higher than the USA’s.
The teen pregnancy rate is the highest of all countries in Europe.
There is a high rate of alcoholics, both men and women. The average Scot drinks the equivalent of 46 bottles of vodka a year(heaviest drinkers are ages 16-24). Alcohol related deaths are 67% higher in Scotland than the rest of the UK.
In Scotland 4% of the population regularly use cocaine–the highest rate per capita of any country in the world; also, the highest rate of drug related deaths in Europe. So, you can easily see that Scotland needs another spiritual revival.

In 1910 the World Missionary Conference was held in Edinburgh, Scotland. They sent out their best to the nations of the world. Recently a Scottish pastor wrote,”We’ve sent America our best missionaries.Why hasn’t America sent us theirs?”
Well, now it is our great honor to help, to serve, and to send them ours! The Spirit has said,”Go!” and our team is coming. We’re leaving jobs, homes, and families. Now is the time and Scotland is the place. So our answer to the question,”Scotland? Isn’t it a little too late?” IS NO–we are coming there right on time!
If you would like to give a financial gift to help launch and maintain the school go to
If you are interested in becoming a student go to

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