The Key Role of First Nation People

The Key Role of First Nation People

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About five years ago at the end of one of our regular weekly prayer meetings, we felt led to go outside and face the north. One of our men blew a shofar to the north and then people began to prophecy—we would be sent to the North to help and encourage churches and to help spark Revival fire!

I personally am not a fan of cold weather and since most places in the North are cold and sparsely populated, I have never had any great desire to go that direction; nevertheless, I obeyed and started by going to the least populated state in the USA—Wyoming.

I received a call right before one of my trips to Wyoming from a prophetess in Washington. She asked, “Brother Steve, where is the Spirit of the Lord sending you?”

I replied, “To the North—to the cowboys and Indians in Wyoming.”

Upon hearing that she got really excited and said, “I have been having the same dream from God night after night! In the dream I see a map of the USA. Little fire points begin to burn and then suddenly they all ignite and the fire spreads and burns over the whole map, like the TV show Bonanza. I asked God what that meant, and He showed me that is the coming revival and it will start with the cowboys and Indians, then cover the whole country.”

It’s just like God to take the forgotten and those that society deems insignificant and use them for His glory. See 1 Corinthians 1:26-31

Following that, one of my associate ministers met for an afternoon in a coffee shop with one of evangelist Reinhard Bonnke’s key leaders. The Holy Spirit came over this man and he began to prophecy. One thing he said was this, “I see the move of God coming to America and it looks like cowboys and Indians—whole reservations will be saved and be a blazing fire on the Earth!”

Many of you have heard how Dr. Billy Graham was quoted as saying that the greatest days of Native American history lie ahead of us if a great spiritual renewal and awakening should take place. He went on to say that Native Americans may be the hidden, sleeping giant that could be key in winning America back to Christ.

So on June 22-24 we did our first Pow Wow outreach on the Wyoming Wind River Reservation with the Easter Shoshone Tribe. There were about 5,000 Indians in attendance. They set up retail tents, food wagons, and have traditional native dance contests. We set up two tents in their midst with a banner over the top that read, “Need Prayer? Family, Healing, Finances, Anxiety, Depression.” Over that three-day outreach we led 832 precious Native Americans to Jesus—mainly in groups of two – four. I know it sounds hard to believe, but I was there and witnessed it. Glory to God! The fire is starting to burn and the sleeping giant is coming awake!

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