Yield and Flow into Greater Glory

Yield and Flow into Greater Glory

December 1, 2014 in Blog 3 Comments

Read 2 Kings 5:1-16

Our main character here is Naaman the General-the top commander of the army of Syria. He’s powerful, popular, wealthy, BUT he’s hit something that he has no power to fix. He is not a Covenant man. He is not a Jew. The Jews had Jehovah Rapha as their God, hence they had a long history of people being healed. Will Naaman go to a people who are not his own and ask for help? Here’s his first opportunity to humble himself. This would be the equivalent of a non-Christian coming to a Christian. Will he do it? Plus, he has a bad case of leprosy and that’s not a pretty sight! Will he lay his pride aside and be seen outside? Yes, he would! So far, so good!

But, he comes with great pomp and circumstance–his horses and chariots. He’s used to traveling with an entourage. Plus, he thinks he can buy healing with gold, silver, and fancy clothes–just like he’s bought everything else in life that he’s ever needed. Oh, oh! This man does not know how to receive from God. He doesn’t know that God does everything on the basis of grace.

Verse9–So he arrives at the Prophet Elisha’s house, right where he was told to go, and waits outside his door. All the way from Syria to Elisha’s house, he’s rehearsed how this is going to be done. “Elisha will come out, call on the Name of the Lord his God, wave his hand over me and viola–instant healing!” Naaman is used to having things done his way.

Well, Elisha didn’t even come out of his house to meet him–he sent his servant to give Naaman this message,”Go wash in the muddy River Jordan seven times, and your body will be healed and restored of leprosy.” Naaman explodes into a furious rage,”That’s too common for a man as great as me! Are not our rivers in Syria better?” So there’s a volcanic eruption of pride from his heart, and we can see the lava of rage flowing out freely.

Now learn a lesson here–God will never allow His grace to feed pride, so if this man had left and stubbornly refused to humble and yield, he would have gone home without his healing. Pride can make you your own worst enemy and cause you to lose out and forfeit the grace that was there for you–ready to flow to you–all the time.

REPLAY–Let’s look how all the others involved yielded and had a part to play in this man’s healing.

Verse 13–“His servants” They took a chance–a risk. “This is such an easy thing to do. And if it had been a great thing that Elisha asked, wouldn’t you have done it?” Motivated by love, they spoke up.
Verse 10–Elisha’s servant, Gehazi. Will this man yield and do what his authority said? Will he submit and flow in Divine order? He knows that potentially this great man could have instantly had them both beheaded.
Elisha–Why did he not show the common courtesy of greeting his guest? Did he hate Syrians? Did he despise people in authority? Was he just a rude, obnoxious man? No. He lived a life of yielding to the All-Wise God. Elisha had listened to God, now he’s going to yield and flow with God’s directions. JESUS did this to perfection (see John 5:19,30).
The Israeli slave girl at the very beginning of this miracle spoke out and moved in compassion towards this man. She yielded and was a witness–even in a place of slavery she allowed God to flow through her!

So in everyone involved in this marvellous miracle they all had this in common–Yield and Flow. That is our way to greater Glory as well! Yield and Flow–Yield and Flow–Yield and Flow.

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  • Walter Salomon
    February 1, 2015

    Well shared! Its interesting to note that Jesus himself made mention of this commander. This Syrian was the only person during that time span to receive a touch from God. I wonder why and what his life was like afterwards?

    Throughout the story, we are able to see glimpses of his inner heart. By being willing to listen to both a jewish slave girl and his servant, he finally encountered our Father! What was deep inside, was made manifest on the outside. For, the scriptures tell us that his skin was made as that of a young boy. Steve, thank you for sharing us this story, a willing heart will always get our Father’s attention.

    We can only imagine what he did afterwards. What became the fate of that jewish slave girl? How did this commander conduct the rest of his life? Did he continue visiting or support Elisha in any capacity? We can only wonder, but its worthy to take into account that God will acknowledge a reachable tender heart, even if it has an outer shell full of pride.

  • Audrey
    April 29, 2015

    I just read your book “Schizophrenic God?” I don’t think I have the words to say expressing how this book have change my theology. I know it was a divine connection:) Lately I have been asking God why He has “allowed” a horrible tragedy that took the lives of an Pastor and other innocent people in a plane crash, it just didn’t “make sense” to me. I’ve heard all the reasons: his assignment was over, God allowed it for a bigger purpose ect. however there was others on the plane including a young child and his parents, was there assignment over too? Your book have cleared up all the patted answer to my question. I had never heard of you before I downloaded your book:) However I visited your website to thank you for the book. Your book is based on God’s Word, not what make sense to our minds, or scriptures taking out of context and false traditional beliefs. No sir, God is not Schizophrenic. Thank you again for answering this naggin question. My life will never be the same. God bless you. PS, I see you have written another book”God made visible” I can’t wait to read!

    • Sandi Emery
      May 16, 2015

      Ohhhh I so agreee… I am presently reading that book also, slowly taking in each word. I intend to restart it… Each page is so powerful. I sooo dislike the “pat” answers and they never sounded like something Jesus would have said. I too just found Steve’s site and thanking Jesus.

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