You’re Called To Boulder? Why?

You’re Called To Boulder? Why?

June 11, 2015 in Blog 1 Comment

When I left Bible School in 1979 and told people I was called to start a new church in Boulder, Colorado, more than one person said,’You’re going to that God-Forsaken place?” Others just gave me a look that silently said,”Oh, do I feel sorry for you!”

Boulder is built right at the bottom of Boulder Canyon, nestled up against the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. I have traveled all over the world and I have to say it’s one of the world’s most beautiful areas. But, in the 1960’s and 1970’s people were actually caught having sex in public on the County Courthouse lawn. Drugs were sold and consumed openly on the streets. Boulder was a hub for the Hippy Revolution. The Chicano Movement, American Indian Movement, Black Panthers, and the Weathermen were all present and active in Boulder. Buildings on the Colorado University campus were burned in protest to the “Establishment.”

A recent Gallup survey reported that Boulder ranks a close second to the last as the least religious city in the USA, with Burlington, Vermont occupying the bottom spot. For comparison, San Francisco ranks #6 as least religious. Boulder is full of alternative spiritual paths–here are just a few–Aquarian Foundation, Manjushri Wisdom Center, Center of Light, Church of Gaia, Eckankar, Gurdjieff Foundation, Hohm Sahaj Mandir, Islamic Center, Sufi, Psychic Horizens Center, Ridhwan Foundation, Scientology, Spiritkeepers, Zane Sangha, And the largest Buddhist temple west of the Mississippi.

I’ve always told people that if you can minister in Boulder, you can minister anywhere in the world! And it truly is a great place to be trained for Gospel ministry. Our church was started from the ground up–in other words we had to go out on the streets and win people to the Lord. We have shared the Gospel at rock concerts, football games, door to door, on the downtown Pearl St Mall, Central Park, in laundromats, on campus; you name it and we have pretty much done it! Right before we started the church, the Spirit told us,”The people of Boulder are open to Jesus; they have a great spiritual hunger for the Truth.” We have always found that to be true! Let me give you an example. We just finished our sixth year of having our Prayer Tent in the middle of hundreds of other tents at the Boulder Creek Festival. This is an annual three day event held at the end of May in Central Park. Psychics, tarot card readers, sports drinks, energy bars, vitamins, athletic apparel, arts, and craftsmen are all peddling their wares. Our tent has a banner over the door that says,”Need Prayer? Healing, Family, Finances, Stress, Depression.” We have a table in the front with free Jesus tracts, New Testaments, healing books, etc. All kinds of people come in for prayer–New-Agers, Buddhists, Jews, Muslims, and Christians. This year we prayed for 25 healings, one to be born again, one who wanted the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and one 28 year old who was delivered from 5 demons–Glory to God! In all, 72 people walked into our tent for prayer–“The people of Boulder are open to Jesus!

People have told me,”If you left Boulder and went to another city, you would have a mega church.” That’s not my object. I am to be faithful to reach this city that is in need of Jesus! Our church is not large–I see us as Gideon’s army–and as God works through us, He will get all the glory! We’d love for any of you who feel called to Boulder or to Confirming The Word Bible Training Center to come and join us! We would love you and welcome you! Our new school year starts on September 8th. For more info go to our school website at and for our church at Jesus is Lord over Boulder!!!

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  • Josh Ball
    June 25, 2015

    I have been praying for good church in Boulder for 15 years.

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